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Site web réalisé à l’occasion de l’édition 2017 de la conférence EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property) @ Bordeaux (FR).

Réalisation du site sur plateforme WordPress
Réalisation de certains supports de communications de la conférence.

Annalisa has created and managed for me the website of the 12th Annual Conference of the European Policy for Intellectual Property association (EPIP), which I organized at the university of Bordeaux in September 2017 (http://epip2017.org/). The reason why I insisted to have her on board is that I knew I could delegate her a large number of tasks, which she would accomplish with great autonomy, creativity, and top professionalism. I was not disappointed. The website (which included interactive forms for uploading papers and registering, and evolved over the entire year preceding the conference to assist all the preparatory steps) set a quality standard and organizers of successive editions of the conference insisted to hire her and nobody else. I have myself prolonged the collaboration, so now Annalisa also manages the EPIP association’s website (https://www.epip.eu/). Last but not least, Annalisa is the most agreeable person to work with, a great antidote against organizational stress. (Francesco Lissoni, GREThA – Université de Bordeaux)





GREThA - Université de Bordeaux

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